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A Free New Companion e-Book to Metamorphosis Explicates the Latest “Icon of Intelligent Design”

I would love to see some of our customary Darwinian antagonists and interlocutors answer the challenge set by Paul Nelson and Ann Gauger in their very detailed and powerful essay that is the centerpiece of the gorgeous new companion e-book to Metamorphosis, the new documentary from Illustra that makes its case for intelligent design with great persuasive power. If you want my prediction, the bad guys won’t have the guts to read it and try to offer a response in defense of Darwin.
Metamorphosis bookAs for you, dear ENV reader, here’s an opportunity to do yourself a favor. I strongly urge you to take a moment now and download this FREE e-book. Why do you need it? Apart, that is, from the fact that I edited it for Discovery Institute Press?
When I first saw Metamorphosis, in a preview screening some months ago, my initial response was to want a lot more. More butterflies? Yes, sure, but also more information and explanation. This isn’t a criticism. But necessarily, because it’s also busy tracking the miraculous migration of the Monarch butterfly and illuminating the hidden magic of metamorphosis, the film can’t give a detailed explanation, with all the scientific nitty-gritty, of why butterflies pose such a devilishly hard challenge to Darwinian explanations of life’s evolution and why they form what we’ve been calling here the latest “icon of intelligent design.”
Discovery Institute and Biologic Institute, two leading voices for the intelligent design movement, supply the scientific expertise so impressively on display in Metamorphosis and in this book. We’ll be offering peeks at the latter in days to come, but there’s no reason not to go ahead now and read it for yourself.

David Klinghoffer

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