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Wikipedia on Intelligent Design: We’re Not the Only Ones Who Noticed


A reader with a dark sense of humor writes to us, having stumbled on the Wikipedia article on intelligent design:

It’s like reading an article about the Jewish culture’s important contributions to history — as written by the distinguished historian, Heinrich Himmler. Of note is that all the books in the “Recommended reading list” are antithetical to ID. Also, the heading of the article led me to believe DI had written or contributed to the entry. The Wiki article on ID contains numerous misstatements, false characterizations, and falsehoods. It is one of the most disgustingly biased articles I’ve ever read — on any topic.

Actually we noted this a little while back. The reader is spending too much time reading Wikipedia articles and not enough reading ENV.
David Klinghoffer described an intelligent design-advocate’s ultimately futile attempt to correct some of the misinformation on ID at Wikipedia (“Wikipedia and the Sociology of Darwinian Belief“). The Wiki editors seemed to have boundless time to keep reinserting the lies. Bottom line:

Darwinists and other liberals are very big on seeking sociological or medical explanations for the persistent tendency of most Americans to “deny science” by doubting Darwinism, politically correct climate science, and the rest. It tells you something that, in defending their doctrine at Wikipedia, the Darwinian cause can draw on such an impressive body of apparently unemployed and socially isolated devotees.
Intelligent design can’t do that. If I had to estimate, based on ample experience, I would say that the sociology of ID leans far, far more in the direction of people tied in with other people — work, family, friends — in other words, with reality. We don’t live just virtually on the Internet. And so, despite the fact that Darwin-doubting represents a majority view in American culture as a whole, we can’t muster the needed forces among the unemployed and isolated to monitor Wikipedia for falsehoods around the clock. We just don’t have the time. We have other things to do.

Go back and read the rest, by all means.