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Stephen Meyer in the City: September 12 with Eric Metaxas

If you’re anywhere near New York City on September 12 at 6:45 pm, don’t miss the opportunity to see Stephen Meyer speak about Darwin’s Doubt, hosted by Eric Metaxas and the incomparable Socrates in the City series. The venue is the venerable Union League Club, on 37th Street and Park Avenue.

Metaxas, hilarious and brilliant, is worth the price of admission all on his own for the introduction and grilling he gives to guest speakers. The price of admission is not inconsiderable — fair warning — and there’s an option to attend a VIP reception and another to participate in the evening’s SITC (that’s Socrates in the City, not Signature in the Cell) Patron’s Dinner. But those who were present for David Berlinski’s SITC (again, that’s Socrates in the City) appearance last summer will know you get your money’s worth.

Go here to register. Or if you’re still not convinced, go here for more information. Prices will go up, not down, on September 1, so don’t waste time dawdling.

Oh and here, as a free bonus, is a video of another friend of ours, Oxford mathematician John Lennox, similarly hosted by the same Mr. Eric Metaxas:

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