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Clueless in Toronto

cluelessmoran.jpgLarry Moran at the University of Toronto has a typically nasty blog post demanding censorship of public prayer at city council meetings in Canada.

Of course, the obvious remedy to public prayer (if you’re a Moran-style atheist) is to not participate. Don’t like prayer? Don’t pray.

But censorship is part of who Larry Moran and his friends are. The funny thing is that Moran has had a few self-pitying posts about the reductions in public funding for science (particularly bogus science like AGW "research").

He doesn’t see that the two issues are related. If you tell the public that they’re idiots, and you link your anti-religious hate to science, why would you be surprised that after a while the public tells scientists to "go get your paycheck from someone else."

Science is an overrated endeavor. Obviously there have been substantial advances, but most of them have been in applied sciences like medical research and engineering, not ideology-infested "disciplines" like climate science and evolutionary biology. Ninety-five percent of the scientific literature is garbage, most of it is irreproducible, and most of the rest is irrelevant except to tenure. A lot of published science is so dodgy with data and logic that if it were a financial prospectus the authors would be prosecuted by securities authorities. And of course scientific literature is a prospectus, attracting hundreds of billions of research dollars annually. 

Incompetence and fraud seem to plague particular kinds of science. Think about it: what exactly have climate scientists and evolutionary biologists done for you lately, except take billions of tax dollars and then compare you to Holocaust deniers if you question them or call you idiots if you believe in God and drag you into court if you talk about God in public or if you don’t want their materialist religion taught to your kids in your schools?

People are starting to catch on. There’s a simple solution. Defund these credentialed losers who hide behind their worthless "science." They have no marketable skills — many would require remedial training to work at the drive-through window at McDonald’s ("Larry, we know you’re new to the restaurant, but you really have to stop telling the customers that they’re IDiots — they pay your salary"). 

So aim at the scientific disciplines they infest and take their money away. We don’t need just-so stories about evolution, about surviving survivors and randomness generating all of life, and transparent frauds like the crowd in Climategate.

Time to pull away the teat.