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In South Carolina, a Need for Some Clarity on Intelligent Design


The Republican primary for South Carolina’s superintendent of education will be held on June 10.�One candidate, Sheri Few, was quoted today in the local press stating, "There is no reason why the scientific theory of intelligent design should not be taught in the classroom alongside the theory of evolution."

For many reasons, Discovery Institute opposes government insertion of intelligent design into K-12 public schools. However, Discovery Institute supports critical analysis of the causal efficacy of natural selection.

Incidentally, the South Carolina State Board of Education will meet on June 11, one day after the primary, to discuss whether to include newly proposed science standard H.B.5C.4 in South Carolina’s 2014 Draft Academic Standards and Performance Indicators. H.B.5C.4 reads as follows: "Construct scientific arguments that seem to support and scientific arguments that seem to discredit Darwinian natural selection."

As earlier reported, the new standard, if adopted, "would join many other lines in the [2014 Draft Academic Standards] that hew to a critical perspective, which, frankly, is a great thing for kids to learn."

Photo: South Carolina State House/Wikipedia.

Joshua Youngkin

An attorney, and previously, Discovery Institute Program Officer in Public Policy and Legal Affairs.