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Living Waters Will Have Its Houston Area Premiere, February 5, with Paul Nelson and Lee Strobel

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Join us on Friday, February 5, for the greater Houston premiere of the new intelligent design film, Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of Earth. The event will feature a special welcome by Lee Strobel, author of several best-selling books including The Case for a Creator. The screening will be followed by Q&A with one of the film’s featured scholars, philosopher of biology Paul Nelson.

The event starts at 7 pm, with doors opening at 6 pm.

The location is Faith Bible Church, 5505 Research Forest Drive, The Woodlands. The film premiere is free, but registration is required.

The third installment in the Illustra Media DVD series The Design of Life, Living Waters explores rivers and oceans to reveal spectacular displays of purpose and design in the animal kingdom. From the complex navigational systems of humpback whales, sea turtles, and Pacific salmon to a dolphin’s elaborate sonar and the ingenious propulsion of a jellyfish, you will marvel at the engineering brilliance that fills every corner of the Earth’s liquid universe. Watch the trailer.

Register here.

For questions, contact Donna Scott at or 800-685-0632 x128. This event is presented by the newly launched Houston Chapter of the Science & Culture Network.