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Changes Afoot at DarwinsDoubt.com, Now with Better Access to Content!

Andrew McDiarmid

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I trust you already know and enjoy the website you are currently reading, Evolution News. It’s managed by Discovery Institute’s David Klinghoffer, and it boasts contributions by some of today’s great science thinkers in a variety of fields. Indeed, you won’t find anything else quite like it. But did you also know that Evolution News is a vast, searchable library of informed commentary on evolution, intelligent design, technology, ethics, education, and culture?
That small white box in the top right corner of the site? Your ticket to more than seven thousand original articles. Just type in a keyword — any keyword — and you’re on your way.
With that in mind, we want to announce a few new ways to harness the power as it relates to Stephen Meyer’s bestseller Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design. At DarwinsDoubt.com, visitors have already been able to utilize a range of book-related features, including a comprehensive list of reviews and responses to the book, a colorful photo gallery of fossil images, book news and events information, and over a hundred videos from Stephen Meyer’s YouTube channel.
Easy, right? Well, it just got even easier to access key information about the book and its main subject, the Cambrian explosion. To improve your experience, we have added new tabs and pages. Here’s a breakdown:
Cambrian News
Science enthusiasts and Cambrian scholars alike will appreciate this new category of original reporting and analysis, offering news stories and research related to the Cambrian explosion. Here we provide candid evaluations of the latest attempts to explain the geologically sudden appearance of complex animal life in the fossil record, a phenomenon even Darwin couldn’t explain and that still baffles paleontologists today.
What accounts for the enigmatic Cambrian event? Was it rising oxygen levels, or some other ecological explanation? Can we trust molecular clock dating methods? Is there a consensus on Precambrian fossil classification? What is the duration of the geologically sudden Cambrian explosion? Is it evidence of intelligent design? Bookmark the Cambrian News page to keep up with noteworthy developments about this intriguing topic.
Meyer’s Responses
Since the book’s release in 2013, Stephen Meyer has responded voluminously and admirably to critics of Darwin’s Doubt. Now for the first time online, all of his personal responses are together in one place. This is where to go to see Meyer do what he does best — defend his arguments for intelligent design with precision and grace. Meyer patiently refutes each critique of his book, from the frivolous to the weighty. Enjoy this one-man defense of scientific literacy and honest scholarship!
Colleagues’ Responses
Dr. Meyer is not the only scholar supporting the claims of Darwin’s Doubt. Meyer’s colleagues have also defended the argument of the book with detailed responses to critics. Not one stone is left unturned in this impressive collection of rebuttals from respected ID advocates, including Ann Gauger, Paul Nelson, Casey Luskin, Michael Flannery, Michael Egnor, and others. Before getting into a good-natured argument about Darwinian evolution with your friends and acquaintances, be sure to study up on these powerful articles that frame and further the debate generated by Meyer’s important work.
Book News & Events
If it’s the book itself and its author you are most interested in following, look no further than this newly organized page. Want to relive the occasion when Darwin’s Doubt debuted on the New York Times bestseller list? It’s here. Want to follow the controversy as it plays out on Amazon review pages? Do it here. How about the humorous mis-shelving follies at Barnes & Noble? Also here, along with reports of Stephen Meyer on the road and news about upcoming events and media appearances. If it involves Darwin’s Doubt, you can find it in the Book News & Events stream!
Access these new pages from DarwinsDoubt.com. On the front page, just click About the Book and choose a tab. Enjoy!

Andrew McDiarmid

Media Relations and Assistant to the Director
Andrew McDiarmid is Media Relations Specialist and Assistant to CSC Director Stephen C. Meyer. He holds an MA in Teaching from Seattle Pacific University and a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Washington. He has a technology column at Newsmax.com and authors the blog Authentic.today: Thinking and Thriving in the Digital Age. His writing has appeared in San Francisco Chronicle, The Seattle Times, The Herald (UK), BreakPoint, Technoskeptic Magazine, The Washington Post, and other publications. In addition to his roles at the Discovery Institute, he is host of the Scottish culture and music podcast Simply Scottish, available anywhere podcasts are found.



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