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Forbidden Science: Applications for Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design Are Due in Two Days!

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Summer Seminars

It’s the science your professors tell you don’t need to know about, you shouldn’t know about, you’d better not know about! Let’s face it: the reign of PC and intellectual intolerance on university and college campuses extends across every field of study, very much including biology.

So it’s fair to say if you’re an undergraduate or graduate student in the sciences, or the humanities, understanding the case for intelligent design is something you’re going to have to do outside your normal course of studies.

That’s why Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture offers our yearly Summer Seminars on ID — two tracks (science and humanities), nine days in Seattle learning with the top scientists and scholars in the world of design theory.

Our 2017 program runs from July 7 to 15. The online application is not unreasonably time-consuming and we offer scholarships to qualified students. But the deadline is just two days away now, Tuesday, April 4, by the end of business Pacific Time. Apply now, or tell a student you know about this fantastic opportunity. Oh, and yes, we also make a few places available to post-graduate professionals and educators.

More information, including an application, is here.

Alas, objectively weighing the evidence for design in nature is currently forbidden on campuses. That will change, however, as we seed the future with graduates of our Summer Seminars.

Photo: Richard Sternberg, by Janine Solfelt.