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Stephen Meyer, Wesley J. Smith: Unmasking the Scientific Roots of Anti-Humanism

David Klinghoffer | @d_klinghoffer

Our colleagues Steve Meyer and Wesley Smith spoke together recently at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. They answered questions about anti-humanism, a trend in our culture that gives evidence of a creeping totalitarianism, casting animals as possessing no less intrinsic dignity than human beings. Its motto, to adapt from a story that Wesley tells about the community of King Cove, Alaska: “Listen to the animals.”

Smith and Meyer outlined the phenomenon with its perils, and a man in the audience asked a good question: What can be done about it? In reply, Smith and Meyer were excellent as a tag team. Briefly, the correct response to politicized misanthropy is to unmask its roots in 19th century scientific ideas that have already failed. It’s a new episode of ID the Future, which you can listen to hear, or download here.

Photo: Stephen Meyer at the Heritage Foundation.