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Evolutionist: Free Speech for Me, Not for Thee, Certainly Not for ID

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We love evolutionist Jerry Coyne in part because unlike more wary Darwinists, he blunders into contradictions all the time that expose the inconsistencies in his view of the world. The University of Chicago biologist has said on various occasions that we’re “obsessed” with him, but the truth is he is just very useful, very helpful to us. If there ever comes a time when he tires of blogging at Why Evolution Is True, that will be a very sad day.

In a new ID the Future podcast, following on the heels of the one we noted yesterday, biologist Ray Bohlin talks with neurosurgeon Michael Egnor about Coyne’s writings on free speech. Dr. Coyne favors it for people who agree with him, not so much for those who disagree. Perfect!

As Dr. Egnor recalls, when he was first getting interested in intelligent design, something that impressed him was the way ID proponents are absolutists about letting opponents talk, write, and teach freely, never, ever stooping to the tactic of threatening someone’s job at a university, or the like. Meanwhile, Darwinists are keen on shutting down conversation — not a hallmark of a strongly supported scientific theory, don’t you agree? Listen to the podcast here, or download it here.

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