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Gauger: Rebel Science Versus Theistic Evolution

David Klinghoffer

As noted yesterday, the editors of the massive yet sprightly volume Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique got together on the campus of Biola University to introduce the book. Biologist Ann Gauger, self-described rebel scientist, took on the subject of human uniqueness.

She asks: Is it really plausible to say that humans and chimps share an evolutionarily recent common ancestor, some 6 million years ago?

The space that separates us from chimpanzees is vast on its face, including the facts that humans engage in science, philosophy, sports, humor, charity, and more — things of which apes are entirely innocent. But the differences can be quantified scientifically as well. Is the resource of time sufficient to permit the modifications entailed by the journey from hypothetical common ancestor to modern human beings? No, Dr. Gauger concludes, “There isn’t enough time.” Not by a long shot. Enjoy!