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Discovery Insiders Tour, Israel 2019: Discover the Ancient Roots of Today’s Profoundest Debates


The most fascinating and important questions we debate here have roots that go back not decades, not centuries, but millennia. If a question is important, whether it has to do with science, culture, politics, you name it, there’s an excellent chance that our ancestors were already discussing it thousands of years ago. 

Intelligent design, the modern challenge to Darwinian evolution, is a prime example. Materialists and theists, Greek and Roman philosophers alike, argued about whether the universe gives evidence of purpose and design.

You can’t really understand the contemporary debate about life’s origins — Darwinism versus design — without appreciating the long roots of that debate, tracing back to Athens and Jerusalem. That’s why Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture is proud to join our friend Michael Medved, the nationally known radio host, for the Discovery Insiders Tour, an amazing nine-day tour of Israel, modern and ancient, September 8 to 17, 2019. 

The Experience of a Lifetime

Mr. Medved has led past Israel tours to great acclaim — but this one will be very different. It’s the chance of a lifetime to travel with and learn from some of the stars of Discovery Institute, including Stephen Meyer, author of Darwin’s Doubt and Signature in the Cell, technology guru George Gilder, author of Life After Google and The Israel Test, and Biblical archaeologist and adventurer Titus Kennedy.

For more information about the tour, look here at the Discovery Institute website. Space is limited, and if you want to join us you must act by January 1, 2019.

Highlights will include Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Galilee, Masada, Qumran, and Jericho. We’ll enjoy luxury accommodations, seminars with Discovery Institute scholars, and an insider’s look at Israel’s modern history from beleaguered state to a titan of cutting-edge high-tech entrepreneurship. Our visit will feature a sunset cruise on the Sea of Galilee, a joyous Sabbath dinner with Michael Medved and his family in the Holy City, and much more.

It’s a VIP experience brought to you by Israel’s premiere educational tour company, Keshet,  for which Mr. Medved and the Center for Science & Culture are delighted to provide all the exciting and exclusive intellectual content. Please consider joining us but remember, you must provide a deposit by January 1!

Photo: Western Wall, Jerusalem, by Daniel Majewski [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons.