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#GivingTuesday Message from Stephen Meyer

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture and our director, Stephen Meyer, wish friends a blessed holiday season. Thank you for all your wonderful support!

In a brief #GivingTuesday message from his office, Dr. Meyer recounts highlights of the past year and gives some hints as to what to expect in the year coming, in research, writing, teaching, and public advocacy. You can be part of that, advancing the theory of intelligent design and exposing the faults in its materialist Darwinian alternative, by joining us and contributing to the work of the CSC. To share in our efforts, please take a moment now to go here.

In 2018, #GivingTuesday falls on Tuesday, November 27, but your crucial assistance counts all year round. The staff and writers at Evolution News join Steve Meyer in extending to you our deep gratitude for making this work possible.