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Stephen Meyer on the Ben Shapiro Show This Sunday: God, Intelligent Design, and More

David Klinghoffer

Stephen Meyer, author of Darwin’s Doubt and Signature in the Cell, sits down with Ben Shapiro for The Ben Shapiro Show’s Sunday Special to talk about the theory of intelligent design and the return of the “God hypothesis.” It’s a full hour, this Sunday, March 24. 

It was announced on Twitter this morning, and as you can imagine, the Twitterati are not pleased. They are bombarding the show with replies about “bunk science and the 6,000 year old universe,” “Why not have a hour long discussing with a Flat Earther? Just as much evidence to support that claim as there is for ID,” and so on.

But ID has always been aimed at the rational mind and discriminating intellect, like Ben Shapiro’s. The irrational hive mind that dwells on Twitter will never get it. You can watch the live episode by subscribing to the show, which includes other perks. Highly recommended.

Episodes are posted free in audio form a little later. But to watch the full video right away, you need to subscribe. We’ll have updates, of course. Enjoy!