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Before Gelernter, Wolfe, Shapiro, Prager, Nagel, Et Al., There Was Iconoclast Tom Bethell


We’re seeing a science uprising among iconoclastic intellectuals who have come to reject key features of the materialist, Darwinian understanding of biology. Most recently, Yale polymath David Gelernter announced he had been persuaded by books from Stephen Meyer and David Berlinski. He joined Tom Wolfe, Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, Thomas Nagel, and others, who became Darwin skeptics, not from religious motivations but from objectively considering the evidence and refusing simply to take evolutionists’ word for it.

Before these freethinkers, there was someone who was in a sense the granddaddy of contemporary evolution iconoclasts: Tom Bethell, a wonderful essayist and thinker, who was already “out” as a Darwin skeptic in 1985 when he wrote an essay on the subject for Harper’s Magazine, “Agnostic Evolutionists: The Taxonomic Case Against Darwin.” If you haven’t read his fantastic book, Darwin’s House of Cards (2016), do yourself a favor and get it here. It’s a treat. And watch this short feature on Bethell, “Iconoclast: One Journalist’s Odyssey Through the Darwin Debates”:

David Klinghoffer

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