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Ever Wonder What the Most Asked Questions About Intelligent Design Are?

Since he first shook up the science world with his groundbreaking book Darwin’s Black Box, biologist Michael Behe has been fielding questions from scientists and non-scientists alike. Questions posed to Behe over the years since have ranged from technical to general, from philosophical to critical. Now, he will share his answers to the most often asked questions in a fun, five-day ID Challenge.

First, join our Five-Day ID Challenge and then be sure to become part of the new CSC Facebook Group which will be our community for this challenge. And, it will be the place to connect with the staff and other participants, receive support, ask questions, and share your progress.  As part of the challenge we’ll be posting short video clips there where Behe shares the questions and his answers, and you’ll have chances to win prizes along the way. 

During the five-day challenge you will learn what a few of the biggest criticisms of ID are, and hear briefly how Behe refutes them. You will uncover the myths and the truth about common descent. And finally learn about why some scientists still don’t accept the scientific evidence for intelligent design. 

Intelligent design and evolution are such important topics it would be great if you could get your friends and others on board, so here’s a link to sign up that you can pass along to them: Hope to see you in the challenge. 

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