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“The Activity of a Cell Is Like That of a Factory”

David Berlinski

It is always interesting to see how observations that we have been making for years are now a part of the general chatter. From “Science without Validation in a World without Meaning,” by Edward R. Dougherty, Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M, writing in the journal American Affairs

“At the cellular level, biology concerns the operation of the cell in its pursuit of life, not simply the molecular infrastructure that forms the physiochemical underpinnings of life. The activity of a cell is like that of a factory, where machines manufacture products, energy is consumed, information is stored, information is processed, decisions are made, and signals are sent to maintain proper factory organization and operation.12 Once a factory exceeds a very small number of interconnected components, coordinating its operations goes beyond a commonsense, nonmathematical approach. Cells have massive numbers of interconnected components.” [Emphasis added.]

No one bats an eye when something like this is said in American Affairs; but let it be said on Evolution News and the suspicion at once bursts into flower that the devil himself is at work, his fork tailed frisking.

Photo credit: Ant Rozetsky via Unsplash.