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Tonight on Coast to Coast AM, Geoffrey Simmons on “Evolution & Intelligent Design”

David Klinghoffer
Photo source: Geoffrey Simmons.

Our friend and Center for Science & Culture colleague Geoffrey Simmons will be on the always entertaining and hugely popular Coast to Coast AM program, overnight tonight with host George Noory. His subject: “Evolution & Intelligent Design.” From the show description:

Board-certified in Internal Medicine and Disaster Medicine, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons was an ardent supporter of Darwinian ideas. Now, he claims the data supporting this theory is scientifically untenable. He’ll discuss “macroevolution” and intelligent-design theory and what it will take for humankind to travel into deep space.

You go, Dr. Simmons! Coast to Coast airs live from 10 pm to 2 am Pacific time. Geoff will be on the second half of the program, so he will be staying up late. His most recent book is Are We Here to Re-Create Ourselves? This is not a typical CSC audience, so it’s a great opportunity. Look here for your local radio station.