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William Dembski on ID, Church Fathers, and a Problem for Atheists

Here is a classic episode of ID the Future to celebrate the return of Casey Luskin and William Dembski to the intelligent design sphere. Both will be speaking at the upcoming Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, open this year to in-person and online participation. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

In today’s conversation Dembski offers advice to those who want to get involved in the intelligent design movement. One piece of advice he offers the academically inclined: go get your PhD. Interestingly, that’s exactly what Luskin did: he is just back from the University of Johannesburg to resume work with the Center for Science & Culture, now with a PhD in geology. Dembski and Luskin also discuss three books that at the time were new but have stood the test of a dozen years: Understanding Intelligent Design: Everything You Need to Know in Plain Language, a user-friendly take on ID written with students in mind, co-authored with Sean McDowell; The Patristic Understanding of Creation: An Anthology of Writings from the Church Fathers on Creation and Design; and How to be an Intellectually Fulfilled Atheist (Or Not), a short book co-authored with biologist Jonathan Wells explaining how materialistic approaches to the origin of life fail.