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You’ll Never Guess What Just Collapsed

Photo credit: refractor, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons.

For generations, “Darwin’s Arch” in the Galápagos Islands stood as an unmovable monument to the life and work of Charles Darwin. A few weeks ago, on May 17, the arch collapsed.

While the loss of this landmark is sad, it’s also fitting — for Darwinism as a scientific and social theory is collapsing as well.

Just Look Around

In March, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Brian Josephson declared that “intelligent design is valid science.”

In April, researchers writing in the journal Current Biology asked whether Darwin’s “tree of life” should “be abandoned.”

In May, it was reported that Sheffield University has stopped hiding Darwin’s deadly social views from students. A university handbook now accurately notes that Darwin “believed… his theory of natural selection justified the view that the white race was superior to others, and used his theory of sexual selection to justify why women were clearly inferior to men.”

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