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Egnor Versus Dillahunty: “Does God Exist?”

Photo source: Science Uprising.

I’m so glad that our friend the philosophical neurosurgeon Michael Egnor has emerged not only as a brilliant writer here and at Mind Matters, but also as a prominent and skilled debater. You’ll enjoy a new debate he had with atheist Matt Dillahunty. The topic: “Does God Exist?”

There’s a time for war, and a time for peace. Also, a time for gentle and friendly conversations with atheist and Darwinian interlocutors, and a time for a more, shall we say, pugilistic approach. Dr. Egnor takes more of the latter path here. Of course, he keeps his cool throughout — as anyone who operates on brains would need to be able to do — while Mr. Dillahunty becomes a bit “riled up,” as he himself admits. There is a reference to blood pressure medication toward the end. I found the conversation gripping and would say both debaters offer cogent reasons for belief or disbelief, as the case may be. Many thanks to host Arjuna and moderator Nathan on the Theology Unleashed podcast for bringing the two together for almost two and a half hours. You will not find this dull:

David Klinghoffer

Senior Fellow and Editor, Evolution News
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