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Luskin: Intelligent Design’s Past, Present, and Future

Photo: Casey Luskin, by Brian Gage.

A new episode of ID the Future features Apologetics 315 podcast hosts Brian Auten and Chad Gross interviewing geologist Casey Luskin about the past, present, and exciting future of the intelligent design movement. Here in Part 1, Luskin tells how he got into ID movement, gives the back story on the birth of a promising intelligent design research program known as ID 3.0, and relates how he ended up rushing back from his geology work in South Africa at the front end of the COVID-19 pandemic to rejoin Discovery Institute. Auten and Gross push Luskin to provide a clear, easily grasped definition of intelligent design and to explain how it differs from creationism.

Dr. Luskin also makes the case that intelligent design is science. It’s based on physical evidence rather than religious revelation, he notes, and it makes testable predictions. Listen in to hear two examples he gives of such predictions, and stay tuned for Part 2 of their discussion. Download the podcast or listen to it here.