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Coast to Coast — Stephen Meyer Takes the God Hypothesis to a Huge and Unusual Audience

Photo: Stephen Meyer, via En Arche Foundation.

I suppose Stephen Meyer could do the safe thing and talk only to audiences that largely already accept his picture of reality. That would be safe. But would it be fun? Find out the meaning of “fun” when Dr. Meyer talks with host George Noory tonight on the phenomenally popular overnight radio show Coast to Coast AM, with 2.75 million weekly listeners. You can locate a station near you by consulting this link

As a rule, the show covers a fascinating mix of topics, with an emphasis on the strange and supernatural, and is never dull. For example, after the Return of the God Hypothesis author is on for two hours, from 10-12 pm Pacific / 1-3 am Eastern, the next guest is a gentleman who says he communicates with the dead. That’s right, first it’s Steve Meyer, talking about the Webb Space Telescope and the Big Bang, then a necromancer. It’s quite the pairing. Well, there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in any materialist’s philosophy. I intend to stay up and listen.

Also, look here for Meyer’s recent article for the Daily Wire, “Here’s Why James Webb Telescope Discoveries Are Causing Scientists To Rethink Galaxy Formation (But Not The Big Bang).”