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Accounts from “After Death” Defeat Materialist Contentions About the Soul

Image source: Angel Studios.

I can guarantee you’ll have some deep reflections and conversations after you see the new documentary After Death from Angel Studios. Ahead of the Friday, October 27, theatrical release, our colleague Andrew McDiarmid talked with Dr. Jeffrey Long, a cancer doctor who appears in the film. Long has studied more than 4,000 near-death experiences from cultures and religions around the world. Watch here, or you can listen to the conversation as an ID the Future podcast.

As Dr. Long writes in his book Evidence of the Afterlife, these experiences are remarkably consistent. They include clear perceptions of being outside your own body (autoscopy), visions of an otherworldly realm, and a review of your life — all before the efforts of the medical team at work succeed in reviving the patient, who is told he needs to return to the earthly life for a time. That would seem to defeat materialist contentions that the soul is a mere illusion.

I have a couple of questions on the subject that the film prompted. Dr. Long, for one, speaks emphatically of “a wonderful life for us all after death.” But the movie has dark scenes of a hellish descent for (they are strangely precise in this) 23 percent of respondents. Also, how is it that a medical resuscitation somehow calls back the soul from heaven, when the ordained and transcendent journey has already begun? That seems to grant us here below a power over what happens above that I find hard to understand.

Neither is a criticism, but just a couple of things to think about as you watch this powerful and beautiful film. I see that After Death has already pre-sold more than 186,000 tickets, which is 112 percent of their goal. Awesome! Watch the trailer below and get your ticket here.