Dover in Review, pt. 2: Did Judge Jones read the evidence submitted to him in the Dover trial?

Note: This is the second part of a multi-part series. You can read the first installment here. It’s becoming glaringly apparent that Judge Jones was incredibly sloppy with the purported findings of “facts” in his lengthy 139-page judicial opinion. Time and again, Judge Jones makes assertions in his opinion that are unambiguously factually wrong—even though the correct information was a part of the official record before him. It is beginning to look like he didn’t even bother to read or consider the information and arguments submitted by the side he disagreed with. Here are some of the more egregious examples. 1. Judge Jones wrongly claims there are NO peer-reviewed scientific articles favoring ID.

Fifteen Empirically Testable Claims/Predictions of Intelligent Design

By CSC FellowsIn his Dover vs. Kitzmiller opinion, Judge John Jones incorrectly asserted that intelligent design is not empirically testable. Below are fifteen testable intelligent design claims–most of them also predictions even in a narrow sense of the term. These are followed by further discussion, explanation, and links.

For Many Darwinists, It’s Always Winter and Never Christmas

One of the things that has struck me this past week is just how bitter and angry many defenders of Darwin’s theory have become. This should have been a joyous week for Darwinists. After all, a federal judge in Pennsylvania issued a ruling claiming that teaching intelligent design in science classes is unconstitutional. You would have thought this result would have put Darwinists in a festive mood. But instead, many of them seem (if possible) even more sour and surly than before. Consider some of the following extracts from various pieces of hate mail I’ve received from evolutionists this past week.

Message to Rush Limbaugh: The MSM Mischaracterizes Intelligent Design

For instance, the sidebar to Jill Lawrence’s “’ID’ ruling traces idea’s problems” stated, “Proponents of the idea usually say they don’t know who or what that intelligent designer might be.” Such a characterization makes design theorists appear disingenious, suggesting as it does that they are trying to hide their religious convictions. But we have been quite clear about who we think the designer is.

Rush Limbaugh On Dover and Intelligent Design

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the Dover intelligent design trial yesterday, rightly characterizing the opinion of Judge John E. Jones III as aggressive judicial overreach. But Limbaugh also suggested that design theorists appeared disingenious in drawing a sharp distinction between creationism and intelligent design. Since newspapers routinely mangle our position on this matter, it’s little wonder.