A Fishy Story About AntiFreeze Gene Evolution

A new paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims to explain the origin of an antifreeze protein in an Antarctic fish. Though touted by Darwinian activists (note: I’m talking about Richard B. Hoppe, NOT the authors of the paper), this paper presents little more than a just-so story that shows no interest in testing the plausibility of the complex mutational account it gives. The Darwinian blogosphere is excited about a new study which purports to explain the evolutionary origins of an antifreeze gene in an Antarctic fish, the Antarctic eelpout. Actually, this isn’t an entirely new story — claims of explaining the genetic evolution of antifreeze proteins have been made for years. Last year I reported another Read More ›

Richard Dawkins, Worthless Bully

Richard Dawkins has now commented on the Martin Gaskell discrimination case where a distinguished astronomer was turned down for a job at the University of Kentucky (UK) because he expressed views sympathetic to intelligent design. Dawkins jauntily endorses such academic discrimination.

A One Hundred Year-Old Challenge

Alfred Russel Wallace Issues Fighting Words to Materialists in 1910: “Nothing in evolution can account for the soul [or mind] of man. The difference between man and the other animals is unbridgeable.” Steven Pinker to the Rescue?