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A New Voice in the Debate Over Evolution and Intelligent Design

Robert L. Crowther, II

IDTF webad 2.jpgThere is literally a new voice in the debate over evolution and intelligent design. If you’re a regular listener to the Center for Science & Culture’s very popular and thrice weekly podcast, ID The Future, you have probably come to recognize familiar personalities, like ENV’s Casey Luskin. (If you’re not yet a listener, then you should be.) Now you will be hearing more often from radio broadcaster David Boze of Seattle’s KTTH.
Boze is a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in Washington State. He graduated from the decidedly independent-minded Hillsdale College. After working as a research analyst for a state-based think tank, he launched a career in broadcasting, starting as the sidekick/producer on a highly rated afternoon drive show before going solo as an afternoon host. He is a frequent fill-in for Michael Medved on Michael’s nationally syndicated show, with its 4.7 million listeners, and continues to host a popular local program on AM 770 The Truth, here in Seattle. David lives in Tacoma with his wife, Peggy. In his spare time, he can often be found hiking in the Cascade Mountains where, with each visit, he grows more convinced that there is a design in nature.
Check out his latest ID The Future podcast here.
You will hear more of David, but also lots of other ID The Future regulars including Casey Luskin and Johsua Youngkin, and many of the scientists and scholars associated with the CSC. Tune in Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and join other listeners enjoying one of the best science and evolution podcasts available.