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When You Support ENV, Listen to the Good Angel

You know the classic iconography: The good angel sits on your one shoulder, the bad angel on the other. When you think about how you’ve benefited from following the science reporting and analysis we deliver daily here at ENV, when you consider how much to donate to the Center for Science & Culture to return the favor, a particular dollar figure pops into your head.
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We’ll call that your Bad Angel Number. The bad angel says, “That’s plenty. I already read on all the Darwinist websites how Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture is ensconced in quarters that make the Winter Palace of the Czars look like a summer cottage. $[fill in the blank] for ENV will be just fine.” (If you want to see what our humble offices really look like, go here — we’re on the second floor.)

Our appeal to you today is: Don’t listen to the bad angel! Whatever your Bad Angel Number is, take that number — and double it. We’ll call that your Good Angel Number, and it is the figure the good angel is whispering in your ear. Click on the donate button and listen to your good angel.

At Evolution News & Views we provide daily coverage of new science research, analysis and views of what the science means, its implications in strictly scientific terms but also the historical background and worldview significance. Some 600 articles a year. And very much contrary to what the bad guys say, we are not very well funded. Indeed, our annual budget is tiny compared to the hundreds of millions of tax dollars provided to the Darwin establishment each year.
Please think about the service we provide you and respond generously.

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