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Four Days to Apply for Summer Seminars! Where Your Education in the Science of ID Starts

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Douglas Axe

The deadline to apply for our yearly Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design is this coming Tuesday, April 4. More information is here, including an online application. Scholarships are available for qualified undergrad and graduate students, based upon need.

From a 2016 student who reflects on what he learned:

As I begin graduate school in philosophy and theology this Fall, such knowledge will offer me an indispensable foundation for every field of inquiry. My discussions with Discovery faculty have already generated a number of potential research questions. I now intend to pursue these questions at the master’s and doctoral level… Thank you for helping to make this educational experience possible.

Well, that is the point, of course — these nine days in Seattle, July 7 to 15, are not the end of your education in the science of intelligent design. They are the beginning!

Photo: Douglas Axe, by Janine Solfelt.

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