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Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design: A “Life-Changing Experience,” But Time’s Running Out to Apply

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A 2016 graduate of our Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design says this:

I do not wish to be over-dramatic, but participating in the Summer Seminar was…an inspiring and life-changing experience. I found myself more satisfied and fulfilled by this program than any kind of conference or study abroad program I participated in as an undergraduate. Having the chance to come together with students and scholars from all kinds of backgrounds and disciplines, from undergraduate philosophy students to PhD scientists, was motivating for all of the attendees. The discussions we had both during classroom sessions and after hours were quite honestly some of the most thought-provoking conversations I have ever had.

Wow. Now that’s some testimony, and not over-dramatic — we’ve heard much the same from other students.

The Summer Seminars are nine days in Seattle in July, with instructors drawn from the top rank of the ID research world.

But the countdown continues as we’re now less than a week away from the April 4 deadline to apply. If you’re an interested undergrad or graduate student, see here for more information and for an application. Scholarships are available.


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