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“Why Can the Public School Students Not Know About This?”


On a new episode of ID the Future, Sarah Chaffee talks with Louisiana College biologist Wade Warren about his uphill battle for objective evolution education in his state’s science standards review process. Serving on a review committee, he went on to testify before the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education about the standards at a March meeting.

The field of evolutionary biology is in ferment, with mainstream scientists questioning long-held assumptions of Darwinian theory. As Dr. Warren poignantly asked the Board, “Why can the public school students not know about this?” An example he gives is the persistent phenomenon of sudden appearance or abrupt transitions in the fossil record, as we find with the Cambrian explosion. Some experts were “uncomfortable” with acknowledging that to young people.

Listen to the podcast here, or download it here for a look into the sausage factory where state science standards are formulated.

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