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Intelligent Design Shines in Brazil — More from Discovery Institute-Mackenzie Launch

David Klinghoffer


I have to say I find these photos of the launch of Discovery Institute-Mackenzie delightful. I’m referring to the new research center on intelligent design at Brazil’s Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo.

Many of these faces are not known to me — not yet — but the energy and diversity shine through. You will, of course, be able to pick out some figures that are very well known to us — Doug Axe, Michael Behe, Center for Science & Culture research coordinator Brian Miller, and Discovery Institute president Steve Buri.

Brazil is not just another country but, of course, a quite different culture. It’s great to see the mix of the familiar and the new, and encouraging to observe the way that the science of ID translates across borders. That’s as it should be given that ID is an objective description of the natural world. The evidence of design in biology and cosmology should be universally recognizable — and it is.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Steve Buri and Professor Marcos Eberlin of the Sociedade Brasileira do Design Inteligente.