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Axe, Buff: Celebrate July 4 with Great Reading on Intelligent Design – Now in Handy Paperbacks

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4th of July

As Americans celebrate their freedoms and their nation’s founding on July 4, Independence Day, promote independence from evolutionary dogma, and freedom of discussion about science by sharing with your friends two great books for summer reading, just out in paperback.

Doug Axe’s Undeniable shows why common sense is right when it comes to the design intuition in nature. And Bruce Buff’s techno-thriller The Soul of the Matter (to be released in paperback on July 4) is a fun novel that explores the dangers of scientism to human freedom and features a visit by the main characters to Discovery Institute’s offices in Seattle!

The debate about evolution is ongoing and it take place at all levels – the most technical, and the most accessible, and everywhere in between. These two books were written for everyone, to illuminate and entertain. Either is a wonderful introduction to the themes of intelligent design.

These books offer great summer reading for yourself… and for friends and family. Now with both in convenient paperback editions, it’s a good time to get copies for those you want to influence.

Photo source: NASA.