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Introducing Theistic Evolution

David Klinghoffer

In a Facebook Live broadcast from Discovery Institute’s offices, biologist Ann Gauger and I introduced a copy of the giant thousand-page tome Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique. Dr. Gauger served as one of the volume’s editors, as well as being a contributor.

What’s wrong with theistic evolution (TE)? Quite a lot, to judge from the sheer content on science, philosophy, and theology. For fun, we compared the book to some other recent publications in terms of volume. Yes, it’s still available on Amazon at a 24 percent discount, which helps. The interest here, of course, lies not only in the controversy with TE proponents, but with atheistic evolutionists, too. On the science, the one hardly differs from the other. This is an important contribution to both debates.