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Great Minds: Stephen Meyer Interviews Michael Medved About Intelligent Design of U.S. History

Stephen Meyer

ID is a scientific theory competing with neo-Darwinian evolution, but it’s more than that: a paradigm for understanding human history, especially the history of the United States. In a new podcast episode of Great Minds with Michael Medved, Mr. Medved switches places with ID theorist Stephen Meyer to discuss Medved’s latest book, The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic.

Of all the books he’s written, says Medved, “This is the one with all my heart.” And you can tell from this discussion. Meyer asks Medved about the series of amazing coincidences that have guided the history of the country, starting with the meeting of the Pilgrims with their Indian friend Squanto. It begins to look like some intelligent agent has been arranging affairs toward an intended goal. Sound familiar?

Toward What End?

The question becomes: Toward exactly what intended goal? If a providential plan was behind so many events of the past, something that can’t necessarily be said of other nations (no offense!), why did the source of that plan, the intelligent designer, undertake this course of action? As with ID in the realm of biology, we’re naturally prompted to ask what our response to the design should be. What vision does recognizing the role of providence spark in us? What message are we intended to derive that could inform how we act and think?

Suggested in the interview, Mr. Medved’s answer presses upon contemporary political questions and of course could be debated. As always, he is charming, provocative, and deeply informed. The pairing with Steve Meyer works very well, I think! It’s a compelling 20-minute conversation, up now on the Great Minds with Michael Medved website. There’s an audio and a video version. If you appreciate the programing like this, please consider giving now to help keep it going!