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Watch: Stephen Meyer Expertly Punctures the Rule of Methodological Naturalism

David Klinghoffer

Following on chemist Marcos Eberlin’s comments yesterday about intelligent design and the definition of science, watch philosopher Stephen Meyer expertly puncture the idea that science requires an approach of methodological naturalism (MN):

The rule, as he explains, is arbitrary. True, the designing agent inferred by ID theory is not directly observable, but neither are the elementary particles. Both are inferred. And the so-called demarcation criteria that would exclude ID as science would, if applied consistently, also exclude Darwinian theory. Most fundamentally, MN shuts down on principle what ought to be the goal of all science: objectively seeking the truth about nature, whatever that truth might be.

Dr. Meyer’s remarks were prompted by questions from the masked videographers behind the new Science Uprising series:

The first episode, “Reality: Real vs. Material,” is out now. Watch for the second episode here this coming Monday, June 10, first thing in the morning!