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Intelligent Design and Intelligent Dieting: New Book by Jay Richards on the Wisdom of Fasting

David Klinghoffer

Great news — our colleague Jay Richards is out with a brand new book, which is always good news in itself. But this one is a fascinating departure from his past work like The Privileged Planet.

In Eat, Fast, Feast, Dr. Richards combines research on diet and his own exploration of spiritual life, with a case that humans are intelligently designed not to “graze” in the modern fashion but, periodically, to fast, and then to feast. The book is published today by HarperOne. Jay discusses the subject with host Robert Crowther on a new episode of ID the Future. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

I listened to it myself with special interest because in my own Jewish tradition, today is a fast day. Just now I’m about an hour from completing the fast. As Richards points out, fasting in some sense is built into most every culture and faith. What Jay calls fasting on a “fractal” pattern is, he argues, the healthiest way to go about it. And why would all this be? At a moment’s notice, Darwinists can spin forth a just-so story about the habits of Paleolithic man. With a little imagination, no doubt you could tell such an after-the-fact story yourself. Much more helpful and enlightening is to consider the possibility that we are designed to eat this way, as Jay Richards does. You can order your copy now!

Photo credit: James Coleman via Unsplash.