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40 Trillion Cells in Your Body, Each Poses a Mystery — Episode 2 of Secrets Series Is Now Up

“Except for guys like these, not everyone really understands what’s inside.” So says Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe on a second episode of Secrets of the Cell, the new and beautifully produced video series that launched last week. See it below. He’s referring to a group of expert auto mechanics at their work. And Professor Behe is right: I’m sorry to say that I’m among that majority of us, 54 percent of Americans according to a poll reported by Fox News, who “feel intimidated when dealing with a car mechanic.”

Now, a car has some 30,000 parts. We don’t dismiss the complexity of what goes on under our hood. That’s why dealing with a mechanic intimidates us. Yet evolutionary biology encourages us to dismiss the far, far greater complexity of what goes on in the 40 trillion cells in our body. On this episode, Behe sketches the very special, irreducible complexity of cellular machines.

How did this complexity evolve? “Could it have been developed blindly,” Professor Behe asks, “in stages?” That’s a question he will address next week. Look for that episode at Evolution News on Wednesday. Find the first episode here.

Discovery Institute produced Secrets of the Cell with Michael Behe to reach that wide audience who have been soothed, by our education and by the media, into assuming that evolutionists have questions like this, the mystery of the cell, all figured out. They don’t! Please help your friends and family by sharing this YouTube series widely!