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The End of Isolation — Deadline Tomorrow for Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design

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intelligent design

As philosopher of biology Paul Nelson observed on an ID the Future podcast last week, the yearly Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design are the perfect antidote to isolation in a sea of Darwinism. He gives the example of a university biology undergrad or graduate student who longs to learn about and discuss the evidence for design in nature and the cosmos. But as we know, this is forbidden science on most campuses. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

Our student can’t share her fascination with what she’s heard about ID. Now along comes the all-expense-paid Summer Seminars, which as Paul puts, completely and wonderfully reverse the situation for her. What a relief — a very stimulating relief — to meet students from around the world who share her interest, and instructors who are the stars of the world of ID science and scholarship, for a packed 9-day experience like no other, July 10 to 18, 2020, in Seattle.

A Time Window

Applying for the Seminars is not difficult but there is a fast-closing time window. Applications are due by the close of business on Wednesday, March 4. That’s tomorrow night! So get busy. Find more information and a simple application here for the Seminars’ two tracks, one focused on the natural sciences, the other on the humanities:

And look here for accounts from past students and current teachers of their own experiences:

If you’re not a student yourself, let a student know today about this fantastic opportunity. We also have a few spots set aside for professors, teachers, and other professionals in relevant fields. Travel scholarships are available, and, as I said, all other costs are covered.

Photo: Jay Richards, co-author of The Privileged Planet, teaching at the Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design, by Daniel Reeves.