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Journal Finds It Can’t Keep a Good Pro-ID Paper Down

Photo credit: Mark Daynes via Unsplash.

I have to laugh. The Journal of Theoretical Biology tried to trash its own paper because it was friendly to intelligent design. Intimidated by the censors, they placed a Disclaimer on it making it appear that the penitent editors had no idea that they had published a peer-reviewed paper favorable to ID, though the authors, Steinar Thorvaldsen and Ola Hössjer, explicitly cite intelligent design, by that name, as well as a range of familiar ID scientists and researchers and ID-related concepts. We have covered the paper about biological fine-tuning here already. See,

It is “Using statistical methods to model the fine-tuning of molecular machines and systems.” Well, as a correspondent points out, the paper is this prominent biology journal’s current No. 1 most downloaded article. What’s more, it beats out several others in the Top 10 about Covid and related hot topics! Download it yourself now. If what they sought to do was bury the paper, they failed spectacularly.