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Ideological Takeover of Science Continues

Photo credit: NASA via Unsplash.

I have written often about how the scientific and medical sectors are destroying their credibility by growing increasingly ideological. Here’s another example. The World Medical Association has come down with a nasty case of global-warming hysteria.

Not only does the professional group transform the controversy over climate change from an environmental issue into a medical one, but a new resolution claims hysterically that the issue involves the right of future generations to “live.”

Criminalizing Large-Scale Enterprises

First, the resolution wants governments to come down like a hammer on industries that emit greenhouse gases, to protect “the right to live” of future generations. From, “WMA Resolution on Protecting the Future Generation’s Right to Live in a Healthy Environment” (my emphasis):

Climate crisis causes a serious loss, damage or destruction of ecosystems and cultural damage, which has severe impacts on all inhabitants of the world. In order to ensure the right to live for the future generations, there is an imminent need for binding legal measures to be adopted and implemented at the national and international arena against the polluters causing emissions that cause especially climate crisis as well as air, water and soil pollution.

Toward that end, the group appears to support laws that would criminalize large-scale enterprises that cause environmental dislocation:

WMA proposes the following recommendations to its members and other related organizations:

Urge to ask its members to collaborate with relevant bodies in their countries in order to raise awareness about the necessity for legally binding sanctions and policies at the national and international level for the polluters that threaten the right to live for the future generations by emitting gases which are proven to cause climate crisis and air, soil and water pollution.

“Fifth Crime Against Peace”

The resolution doesn’t use the word, but this verbiage is implicitly supportive of “ecocide” laws that would criminalize widespread environmental activity — including the emission of large amounts of greenhouse gases — as the “fifth crime against peace,” deemed akin to genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The resolution then calls for word engineering, and more alarmingly, for governments to declare a “climate emergency”:

Urge all medical professionals, media, governmental and non – governmental institutions to refer climate change as ‘climate crisis’ and calls the leaders of national, state or provincial, regional, city, and local governments to declare a climate emergency in order to initiate a society-wide action. Moreover, encourage the media to promote the concept and meaning of the right to live for future generations.

Declaring a “climate emergency” would open the door to rule by diktat over environmental policy. You can envision the authoritarian possibilities of such a policy.

Medical students are to be mandatorily propagandized in global-warming orthodoxies:

Update the curriculum at medical schools and add compulsory sections on environmental health in order to educate health professionals that are able to think critically about the health impacts of the environmental problems, are aware of the reasons, impacts/dimensions of the climate crisis and able to offer solutions designed to protect the rights and health of future generations.

Methinks that “critical thinking” would be the last purpose of these mandatory indoctrination classes.

The Resolution goes all in to support the usual climate-change policies, such as eliminating industrial-meat-producing and fishing practices, wealth redistribution, and the pipe dream of making it all up by creating “green jobs.”

Of course there is no substantive mention of the profound economic contraction such policies would cause. Nor do the enlightened ones mention the adverse health consequences that would result therefrom.

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