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Torment: Mystery Scientist at the Dallas Conference — I’ll Tell You Later


My apologies in advance: I am going to torment you. Or anyway it would be torture for me since I don’t do well at all with suspense. Some words that send me into a tizzy of agitation are: “I have something interesting to tell you. Not now, though. I’ll tell you later.”

Well, I do have something to tell you. Not now, though. I’ll tell you later. Maybe next week. In case you missed it in our announcement of the 2021 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, planned for February 20, we have a mystery speaker scheduled. And who will that be? I know but I’m not telling. This scientist will be talking about “The Unique Origins of Humanity in the Fossil Record.” More information about the conference is here. Other scientists and scholars who will be speaking include Mellisa Cain Travis, Stephen Meyer, Marcos Eberlin, and William Dembski. We’ll also be premiering the new episode of Science Uprising.

Here’s where you go to register. Some good news about this third annual conference, unlike previous years, is that you can attend either in person or online. You see, there is a bit of a silver lining after all to COVID-19. Pre-pandemic, you had to travel to attend. This year it’s both a Dallas event and an international one. So who is the mystery scientist? You’ll just have to learn to be patient and find out when I’m ready to tell you. I think it will be worth the wait.