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For Darwin and Lincoln’s Birthday, Pre-Order Return of the God Hypothesis

David Klinghoffer
Photo: Abraham Lincoln, by Alexander Gardner, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Today’s date in history, 212 years ago — February 12, 1809 — was a remarkable day. Abraham Lincoln was born that day, and so was Charles Darwin. We recognize both as great men, measured by their impact, but in different ways: one for the good, one not for the good. Lincoln freed the American slaves, saved the Union, and wrote words that will never grow old. Darwin helped to enslave generations to materialism, encouraged a false split between science and faith, and articulated a theory that has not aged well at all. 

Philosopher of science Stephen Meyer is among the foremost scholars who have exposed the inadequacy of Darwin’s theory and advanced a scientific alternative, the theory of intelligent design. In his forthcoming book, Return of the God Hypothesis, from HarperOne, Dr. Meyer takes the next step in his important work. He shows that materialist ideas about the universe and about life must retreat to make way for theism, the reality of a personal God. Meyer’s book comes out on March 31, and it’s already getting raves. Pre-order now and you’ll get some valuable perks — free!

Paul Ashby, Harvard-trained physical chemist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, praises Return of the God Hypothesis for toppling “the claim that the God hypothesis is unscientific.” University of Georgia biochemist Russell Carlson agrees, calling the book “clear, compelling, and entertaining to read.” Observe February 12 — Darwin Day — by joining together what should never been divided. Meyer shows that the best science, far from undermining faith in God, strongly affirms it. 

The occasion is providential in another way, as well. As we can all see, Return of the God Hypothesis appears at a dark moment in American history, not unlike the time before Lincoln’s rise, when a spark of hope and enlightenment is urgently needed. Pre-order your copy, and please consider getting one for a friend or family member who needs it.