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Science Uprising — “Big Bang: Something from Nothing?”

Photo source: Science Uprising.

A lot hangs in the balance with the Big Bang, including the meaning of our lives. Science Uprising returns today with a brand new episode, “Big Bang: Something from Nothing?” A lot has happened in the world since the series launched in June 2019, with its edgy style and masked narrators, exploring the faulty and spiritually corrosive science behind materialism and atheism. I explained in a post here about the meaning of the mask:

The mask is a reference to the 2005 film V for Vendetta, inspired in turn by the historical English rebel Guy Fawkes, and a comic by David Lloyd, who is right when he says it has become “an icon of popular culture,” “a common brand and a convenient placard to use in protest against tyranny.” 

The symbolism of masks has evolved in the meantime, but the tyranny of scientism has remained a constant, or in fact grown more perverse and obnoxious, making the series of short videos more relevant than ever. Episode 7, debuting now, explains why the Big Bang — the idea of a cosmic beginning — has been resisted by atheists, yet why the best science demands it. In some ways, this is a quick take on the most novel arguments in Stephen Meyer’s recent book, Return of the God Hypothesis, but presented in a very different way.

Watch now and share with friends and family members; no doubt you can think of some who really need the message here: