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Casey Luskin Is a Hit on Coast to Coast

Photo: Casey Luskin in South Africa.

Congratulations to our friend Casey Luskin who was a hit on the overnight radio program Coast to Coast AM. For two hours, the geologist and attorney reached a huge audience. The show, hosted by the always thoughtful and genial George Noory, gets some 2.75 million listeners each week. I’ve enjoyed it for years, and yes, it’s quirky, covering a range of intriguing paranormal topics and alternative perspectives. So why not intelligent design, which, after all, is an alternative perspective to traditional Darwinian materialism? Stephen Meyer and Michael Keas have been on in the past.

Dr. Luskin, whose new book is The Comprehensive Guide to Science and Faith: Exploring the Ultimate Questions About Life and the Cosmos, discussed academic freedom in the evolutionary context and more. He tackled the question of “Who created God?” and was not remotely thrown by questions from callers. The latter were…diverse. One gentleman, Walter, argued that ontogeny really does recapitulate phylogeny. Casey explained why it doesn’t, although Walter could not be dislodged. A lady from Spokane advanced her view that God originated by hatching from a T. rex egg, though I may have misheard. As Casey remembers it, the caller said it was a dragon egg. We’ll have to check the transcript for additional clarity. Either way, it’s a theory I had not encountered before. Luskin handled it all with aplomb. Great job!

Also, if you haven’t looked in on Casey’s new website, you should. While you’re there, you can get a free download of his essay, “Top 10 Scientific Problems with Evolution.”