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Origin of Life: James Tour and Dave Farina Will Debate at Rice University on Friday; Watch Here

Photo: Professor James Tour speaking on “The Mystery of the Origin of Life,” Dallas Conference on Science & Faith.

Everyone’s favorite fake professor, Dave Farina, has devoted many hours on his YouTube channel, “Professor Dave Explains,” to spewing venom at skeptics of materialist doctrine on biological origins. Perhaps you thought, “Gee, wouldn’t it be interesting if Dave agreed to an in-person debate with, let’s say, Rice University chemist James Tour on the origin of life?”

Dr. Tour is highly skeptical that theorists have got it all figured out about how life arose from non-life on a barren early Earth through known material processes alone. Farina attacked him and his “idiot followers” repeatedly for that. Yeah, Farina is a real mensch, as you may know. Tour, considering that Farina has a YouTube subscriber base of 2.48 million, and thus is reaching a lot of vulnerable people who have no idea how uniformed he is, responded accordingly. In videos of his own, Dr. Tour even offered to fly Farina out to Rice to debate him — put him up at Tour’s home, give him dinner, etc.

I thought, “Dream on, Professor Tour. ‘Professor Dave’ is never going to take you up on that. At some level he knows what he is.” Guess what? I was wrong. Tomorrow at 7 pm Central (5 pm Pacific), Dave Farina will indeed be debating James Tour at Rice. The topic: “Are We Clueless About the Origin of Life?” That’s Friday, May 19. I trust that Mr. Farina will enjoy his homecooked meal courtesy of the Tour household. What will it be? Meatloaf? Salmon steaks? Don’t forget the first course, a nice bowl of primordial soup fresh from the kitchen. It takes a world-renowned chemist to get that recipe right. You can tune in here: