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Mind, Brain, Soul: What’s the Difference? Find Out at the 2023 Westminster Conference

Image source: Discovery Institute.

Atheist Sam Harris has said that “You can do what you decide to do — but you cannot decide what you will decide to do.” Materialists like Harris hold that human beings are not truly free but are compelled by material processes in the brain to act in various ways. Man is under the “illusion” of free will. But is this really the case? And what does science really say about free will? 

Michael Egnor, Medical Doctor and Professor of Neurosurgery and Pediatrics at Stony Brook University and a featured speaker at the Westminster Conference on Science and Faith, challenges this belief and does so on the basis of science. Don’t miss your chance to hear his talk titled “Brain, Mind, and Soul.” Register today!

Where Science and Theology Meet

The Center for Science and Culture and Westminster Theological Seminary are pleased to announce that this year’s conference, September 29 and 30, will explore the very nature of humanity from both scientific and theological angles. Are we an error-prone accident of nature or a masterpiece of engineering, ingenuity, and intention? “The Miracle of Man” will help to answer these critical questions and provide important insights on human physiology, sexuality, and society.

Whether you join us in person in the Philadelphia area or online via livestream, you’ll hear from speakers like Michael Denton, author of The Miracle of ManVern Poythress, author of Redeeming Science, and John West, author of Darwin Day in America, among others.

​​​Too far from Philadelphia, but interested in hosting a watch party for a larger group? Contact the event coordinator below for more information. Learn more here!