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The Rocks Cry Out — Looking Back on My Year

Photo: Natural backdrop for this year's Summer Seminar, by Emily Sandico.

We enjoyed our staff Christmas lunch yesterday at Ivar’s in downtown Seattle, and a number of colleagues spoke movingly about highlights of the past year. As I considered this year, my first at the Center for Science and Culture, two highlights came immediately to my mind. 

First, the sheer joy of being surrounded by colleagues whose incredibly sharp minds are all turned toward a singular goal: “to advance a culture of purpose, creativity, and innovation.” At Discovery Institute we believe that “mind, not matter, is the source and crown of creation.” Before I came to Discovery, my work in the corporate world felt empty at times. But that’s all changed! As part of the Center for Science and Culture, together with my colleagues and oft-unsung leadership, I am delighted to help tell the world about the evidence that we live in a created universe imbued with meaning, not on a mere speck in a vast cosmic accident.

Attesting to the Mind Behind the Design

The second highlight of my year was the opportunity to attend our yearly five-day Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, CO. Outdoors, the spectacular geologic formations around the conference center — the very rocks — seemed to cry out in attestation of the mind whose design we see evidenced in nature. Indoors, thanks to the gifts of our wonderful supporters, fifty of the brightest and most highly motivated students from scientific and other disciplines heard from and talked with our top scientists. They evaluated the evidence for intelligent design, asked highly sophisticated questions, articulated their beliefs, expanded their networks, and were equipped to advance the intelligent design movement, and a culture of purpose, wherever the future takes them. Many will go into science and other fields of professional scholarship, and they will change the world. It was thrilling to see.  

Our work is the very opposite of empty, and you have made it possible. This year, would you consider supporting the Center for Science and Culture, to keep all this going strong — even stronger! — in 2024? Your gift means that you, too, can help advance a culture of purpose in a universe full of meaning. Thank you!