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On the Origin of Life, Astrophysicist Paul Sutter Seems to Agree with James Tour

origin of life
Photo: James Tour, in a scene from Science Uprising, via Discovery Institute.

Casey Luskin points out a wonderful new article at Universe Today by Ohio State University astrophysicist Paul Sutter. Professor Sutter is an evolutionist, to judge from what he himself writes on the origin of life. I have nothing to add other than that he seems to be in complete agreement with James Tour about our cluelessness as to how life arose on Earth.

In his debate at Rice University with Professor Tour, Fake Professor Dave Farina, the popular YouTuber, painted that statement as a giant lie. In his Harvard debate with Tour, chemist Lee Cronin also danced around the issue, if much more charmingly, and avoided talking about the relevant science. See the new discussion of the Tour-Cronin roundtable at ID the Future (here and here). It’s a fine thing that Dr. Sutter, with no record of sympathy for intelligent design, states it so plainly: “We do not yet know how, where, or why life first appeared on our planet.” That’s just another way of saying we’re clueless. His reasons for saying that also echo what ID scientists observe. Vindication is always welcome.

Quick, let’s tweet that to Professor Dave — oh, wait… His account on the X platform has been suspended.

Well, darn. As a rule, we’re against canceling people, having been canceled many times over ourselves before cancel culture was a thing. Yet getting yourself pulled from Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) is no simple matter. I guess it’s easier than explaining the chemical evolution of life on Earth. How did that happen to good old Dave Farina? Could it be that things like this and this, from folks who also have nothing to do with ID but who noticed his vile behavior on social media, finally caught up with him? I don’t know but it would be interesting to find out.