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Watchdog Group Calls Professor Dave “Anti-Semite of the Week”; Plus an Appeal to the New Atheists

Photo: Dave Farina, via YouTube.

Dave Farina, the popular “science educator” on YouTube (2.82 million subscribers), has a problem with intelligent design. We’ve already shown in detail how, in videos at his channel, Professor Dave Explains, he abuses scientific evidence to attack ID. He’s also got a problem with Jews, as others have noted who have nothing to do with ID. Now the group StopAntisemitism, a major voice, has recognized Farina, aka “Professor Dave,” as its “Antisemite of the Week.”

StopAntisemitism is “a grassroots watchdog organization dedicated to exposing groups and individuals that espouse incitement towards the Jewish people and State and engage in antisemitic behaviors.” I started following them after the October 7 pogrom by Hamas terrorists. That attack has revealed much we didn’t know, for good or ill, about the hearts of people around the world.

Highlights from the Fake Professor

Of the fake professor, they say, “Dave Farina is a Hamas apologist, rape denier, and rabid antisemite.” Some highlights from their coverage:

On October 9, 2023, Farina shared a series of tweets that read, “If Israel didn’t dehumanize Palestinians, Hamas wouldn’t exist, that’s the f**king point. They exist BECAUSE of the blockade. The colonizers. The brutality…use your brain.” 

He quickly transitioned into a Hamas apologist and claimed that Hamas did not do anything egregious and if there were any signs of aggression, Israel was to blame. On October 12, 2023, Farina shared, “Most of what you’re hearing about Hamas is fabricated, and whatever isn’t doesn’t amount to 0.1% of what Israel has done to Palestine over the past 75 years. Get your priorities straight. They’re under a military occupation. The radicalization is Israel’s fault.”

Dave Farina is also a rape denier. On January 3, 2024, Farina claimed there were no Israelis raped on October 7th. He then falsely stated that it was the IDF that raped Palestinians “all the time.” The next day, Farina doubled down on his claims by saying, “…I know that Israel is lying literally always. They are manufacturing consent for genocide by fabricating “beheaded babies” and rape and countless other things. Sorry.”

Read the rest here.

The Connection with Intelligent Design

Does this have anything to do with intelligent design and the evolution debate? Yes, two things. First, it shows how Farina handles evidence he doesn’t like. He doesn’t like evidence that Hamas commits rape, beheadings, and other atrocities, so he denies it amid a spray of falsehoods and insults. Similarly, he doesn’t like evidence for intelligent design, so he denies it amid a spray of falsehoods and insults.

Second, now that Professor Dave’s special quality of mind is being widely recognized, I ask his fellow evolutionists and ID critics — those of good will — to publicly denounce him. Some of the old-school New Atheists, scientists and scholars like Richard Dawkins, Jerry Coyne, Lawrence Krauss, and Michael Shermer, have done right in forcefully identifying the new “anti-Zionism” as nothing more than the old and vile anti-Semitism.

An Appeal to Coyne, Krauss, et Al.

Don’t let anyone think Dave Farina, just because he’s an atheist who touts views on science, somehow speaks for you. I’ll tell you what I mean. After October 7, I noticed Farina promoting an extremely marginal cult of bizarre Jews, wearing ultra-Orthodox garb, who revile what they call the “Zionist State” (a term they share with the worst anti-Semites). These are people who fraternize with Iran, with Holocaust deniers, and the like. Pro-Hamas groups make use of them for their pious-looking outfits. You can read more about them here. They are sickening. Other Jews, across the spectrum, have not hesitated in blasting them. Waving them about as if they amounted to anything meaningful is another example of how Farina handles “evidence.”

Photo credit: Peter, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Professor Coyne wrote something touching yesterday at Why Evolution Is True:

[T]he more the world comes down on Israel due to anti-Semitism, hatred of the Israeli government, and general distaste for Jews, the more Zionist I get, though of course I’ll never accept the superstitions of Judaism.

Krauss has also written about embracing the adjective “Jewish,” even if only in an ethnic sense, in light of current events. Identifying with your people, specifically when they’re under attack and especially when it otherwise goes against your grain, is something I really respect. New Atheists with their heart in the right place should call out Mr. Farina for what he is. Really, check out his feed on X and see what you think!

UPDATE: I have to give this much credit to Farina. The really demented Jew-haters always think it was the Mossad that was behind 9/11. Well, at least Professor Dave doesn’t go down that particular conspiracy theory rabbit hole. He doesn’t say —

Oh…hang on, a thoughtful reader just sent me this from last night: